We love to share our passion of movement to make you feel empowered and energised. PL is a place where expert teachers come together to provide one space and one community for you to grow and develop in both mind and body. We can share a range of skills and classes that give you the whole picture.

Come together, work together, win together.

Clare Watts

Pilates, Barre, TRX, YOGA, STRETCH THERAPist, Mobility Specialist

Specialising in training for injury prevention and recovery. Mobility specialist for range of motion and strength. In Pilates, Clare mainly teaches private studio sessions on equipment but also teaches mat classes. Interests in life include study, psychology, adventure in nature and doggies!

Katie Healey

Pilates, Barre, TRX, yoga
Katie teaches Pilates, TRX, Barre with a signature strength of flow and flexibility. Interests in life include enjoying long walks with my dog Norman and cuddles with my Granddaughter Rosie!

Gemma Allwood

Pilates, Barre, TRX

Gemma teaches Barre Pilates, Barre and TRX. She loves Barre and started there and has a creative flair. Teaching, she likes to work you hard with a focus on form. Interests include staying fit and healthy with an interest in nutrition.

Simone Gannon

Pilates, YOGA

Simone teaches Pilates and Yoga. Simone is considerate in approach with a sharp eye for precision in Pilates. She has a strong mind body connection in her yoga classes with a focus on meditation, calm and relaxation. Interests in life include being a Reiki Practitioner, running and dog walking.

Danielle Thomas


After attending Pilates classes at PL for a number of years, I’ve loved the community, laughs and spirit that everyone – teachers and clients – have brought to each class. This made me want to take up the teaching side. I know from my own experience how much Pilates can help strengthen both body and mind and this is what I hope to bring to my own classes. Lots of focus on control and precise movements to help get the most out of our bodies.